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Model-to-model transformation: SL2FUN converts Simulink-models into a functional reference model based on XML. SL2FUN generates a reference model out of the most complex Simulink models and resolves distributed libraries.

  • enables the automatic migration of huge, complex Simulink-models and libraries to any PDM/PLM system as well as the migration to other modelling tools.
  • SL2FUN transforms Simulink-models and libraries into XML-code. You get one integrated functional model. In addition the tool generates a type library with reusable function blocks. The types are instanciated in the functional model.
  • The original Simulink-models are split into pieces that can be handled by data management systems.
  • SL2FUN resolves stacked libraries (no limitations in layers)
  • The XML code includes all the important information but not all the unused format information that Simulink normally stores with the models.
  • The output of the tool can be converted into a format that can be read by authoring tools and PDM/PLM-systems.
  • It is also possible to generate Simulink-models out of the model that is generated by the tool.


Coming next:

    • optimisation of the models during transformation and reduction in size.
    • Generation of the fault matrix for fault back tracking and failure effects analysis out of existing Simulink models.
    • Parameter extraction: handling of parameters including those which are hidden in blocks
    • Connectors to PDM/PLM systems



Format converter, converts the XML-output of SL2FUN into ESCAPE format



Connector to Teamcenter (please contact us)


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Connector to DS2  (please contact us)


Connector to Windchill  (please contact us)


Stuck in the complexity trap?

Huge effort for model management?

Here is the solution!

- Clean up your Simulink models and libraries

- Migrate complex models and libs to PDM/PLM

- Reduce model size and code generation time

- Master complexity!

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